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Foodelia International Food Photography Awards

Foodelia International Food Photography Awards

Foodelia International Food Photography Awards

Foodelia International Food Photography Awards

Most of the time, I cook the dishes for my food photography myself. This was my first failed attempt at a chocolate cake for a cookery book project. The cake was made from only three ingredients, egg whites, sugar and chocolate. I should have left it to cool for longer, but I was so desperate to taste it that I took it out of the tin too soon with the unfortunate result that my amazing creation sank in the middle.

I tried to save what could be saved and cut a tiny slice of the cake which I put on a small plate and decorated with some berries. With the right angle and a good lens I was able to balance the size. A diffuse light source and some patience for the final composition did the rest. To my surprise, I won an international food photography award for my work, which was a great honour. I have to add that the cake tasted pretty good!

Witzgall Fotografie

Zuger Zeitung

An award is always something special. To enter the annual Association of Swiss Photographers contest, the first thing you need is a really good idea. You then need to realize this idea perfectly in both a technical and artistic sense. The standard is always so high that any of the top 40 entries could win, but I was lucky enough to take first place in 2020. In addition, I featured in an article by the journalist Haymo Empl for Zuger Zeitung when I won the award.

Witzgall Publikationen

Premium Imaging – GraphicArt

When Urs Ziswiler from Graphicart Zurich called and asked if he could send somebody to interview me, I agreed without really thinking. For years, Graphicart has been the most professional, trustworthy and helpful photographic equipment supplier in the business. I felt a bit undeserving of being added to the circle of outstanding and well-known photographers who are regularly featured in the „Premium Imaging Magazine“. However, it was an amazing article which I was thrilled to be a part of.

Zuger Woche – Herzensbilder

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