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To be successful in business, the photos you use to present yourself on the Internet must be representative of your company.

In most cases you will have multiple different topics to be photographed, that will need to fit the same aesthetic. Together with you, we plan a customized concept for your corporate photography, so that in the end everything fits together and appeals to your target group.


Personality at your fingertips

A good portrait communicates worth. It creates trust and it generates empathy and a willingness to communicate. Through photographs potential customers and business partners create their view of the people and ideas at the heart of your company. The first impression has to be perfect in order to drive personal engagement. The efforts you make to ensure the quality of your digital imaging will prove a valuable long-term investment in your business.


Real Estate

Spaces to discover

Architectural and interior photography play a central role in the marketing of high-end properties. The most important selling and letting tools are high quality photographs. Architectural photographs define how your customers judge you. A wide range of possibilities is on offer: two dimensional architectural and interior photography, droneshots and realistic virtual tours around your properties will help you to catch the eye and attention of the right customers. It’s just up to you how you want to be seen.


The masterclass of photography

It is no longer enough to have a perfect command of the latest photographic technology in order to communicate feelings from a photo to its viewer. Most of all, it is about a special mindset that can’t be learned at photography school: Open-mindedness, integrity, empathy and the ability to pinpoint the vital elements in particular situations.

Wedding photography straight from the heart

Couples no longer want artificially staged wedding pictures. They want images which are true and real. Photographs that recapture feelings and communicate values throughout families. Your photos will retell the story of your most important day again and again. They will always keep the magic of your weddingday alive. And looking to the future, they are the glue which connects generations and families together across the years.


Food & Wine

Appetite for more

Product photography is the art of visualizing the energy and people behind a product. Each product contains the heart, the soul and the skills of creatives, inventors and marketers.

Food photography captures the spirit of chefs delighting guests by creations of their own masterpieces from authentic ingredients. A good host is characterized by warmth, passion, empathy, style and taste. Above all, you will find more enthusiasm and perseverance in the field of gastronomy than in many any other fields field. To succeed in this field, it takes very special people all around. And photos that match their passion.

About me

If we can’t do it perfectly, we don’t do it at all.

My name is Heike Witzgall. I am a professionally trained photographer specializing in the field of business photography. I would love to work with you to create a positive, professional visual representation of your company which fully communicates your business vision. and professional image and the comprehensive visual communication of your company.

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